DSKM Healing Gel

DSKM Healing Gel is pure plant extracts and a combination of four patent-pending state of the art technologies: 

  1. The latest German far-infrared technology
  2. Negative oxygen ion technology
  3. Small Molecule Nanotechnology
  4. Self-drying Membrane Formation Technology

 Give it a try!  You can order online or call and we can arrange for a pick-up time at the shop.  


Easy to use!

 DSKM Healing Gel just simply apply where pain spot. It is convenient to use at anytime and anywhere you like. 


Pure Plant Extracts

 It took six years to develop the herbaceous plant extract liquid ointment - DSKM Healing Gel. 


Great relief for...

DSKM Healing Gel helps relieve many ailments